Impact Torsion Insert Bits

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Impact Torsion Insert Bits

  • Industrial Quality for professionals
  • 1/4″ Hex Shank
  • Extra hardened (impact rated), Heat-treated S2 shock resistant tool steel with HRc 60 hardness construction
  • CNC machine grounded bit for exact dimensions and an optimal fit with fasteners
  • Tapered shock zone absorbs torque stress to extend bit life
  • Packaged as 50 bits per bag


Sygma industrial grade impact torsion insert bits are ideal for high torque applications. The 1/4″ hex shank fits onto many popular power drills and impact drivers. Additionally, the tapered shock zone absorbs the generated stress on the insert bit to extend bit life. Most importantly, these impact torsion insert bits are CNC machine grounded and designed for a perfect fit with the driven fastener.

Extra hardened, impact rated S2 shock resistant tool steel makes these insert bits more durable than standard insert bits.


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Tip Size X LengthTip STYLEPart NO.
#1 x 1"PHILLIPS05-ITP1
#1 x 2"PHILLIPS05-ITP1-2
#1 x 2-3/4"PHILLIPS05-ITP1-3
#1 x 3-1/2"PHILLIPS05-ITP1-4
#1 x 6"PHILLIPS05-ITP1-6
#2 x 1"PHILLIPS05-ITP2
#2 x 2"PHILLIPS05-ITP2-2
#2 x 2-3/4"PHILLIPS05-ITP2-3
#2 x 3-1/2"PHILLIPS05-ITP2-4
#2 x 6"PHILLIPS05-ITP2-6
#3 x 1"PHILLIPS05-ITP3
#3 x 2"PHILLIPS05-ITP3-2
#3 x 2-3/4"PHILLIPS05-ITP3-3
#3 x 3-1/2"PHILLIPS05-ITP3-4
#3 x 6"PHILLIPS05-ITP3-6
#2Reduced x 1"PHILLIPS05-ITPR2
#1 x 1"SQUARE05-ITSQ1
#1 x 2"SQUARE05-ITSQ1-2
#1 x 2-3/4"SQUARE05-ITSQ1-3
#1 x 3-1/2"SQUARE05-ITSQ1-4
#1 x 6"SQUARE05-ITSQ1-6
#2 x 1"SQUARE05-ITSQ2
#2 x 2"SQUARE05-ITSQ2-2
#2 x 2-3/4"SQUARE05-ITSQ2-3
#2 x 3-1/2"SQUARE05-ITSQ2-4
#2 x 6"SQUARE05-ITSQ2-6
#3 x 1"SQUARE05-ITSQ3
#3 x 2"SQUARE05-ITSQ3-2
#3 x 2-3/4"SQUARE05-ITSQ3-3
#3 x 3-1/2"SQUARE05-ITSQ3-4
#3 x 6"SQUARE05-ITSQ3-6
T10 x 1"STAR05-IT10
T10 x 2"STAR05-IT10-2
T10 x 3-1/2"STAR05-IT10-4
T10 x 6"STAR05-IT10-6
T15 x 1"STAR05-IT15
T15 x 2"STAR05-IT15-2
T15 x 3-1/2"STAR05-IT15-4
T15 x 6"STAR05-IT15-6
T20 x 1"STAR05-IT20
T20 x 2"STAR05-IT20-2
T20 x 3-1/2"STAR05-IT20-4
T20 x 6"STAR05-IT20-6
T25 x 1"STAR05-IT25
T25 x 2"STAR05-IT25-2
T25 x 3-1/2"STAR05-IT25-4
T25 x 6"STAR05-IT25-6
T27 x 1"STAR05-IT27
T27 x 2"STAR05-IT27-2
T27 x 3-1/2"STAR05-IT27-4
T27 x 6"STAR 05-IT27-6
T30 x 1"STAR05-IT30
T30 x 2"STAR05-IT30-2
T30 x 3-1/2"STAR05-IT30-4
T30 x 6"STAR05-IT30-6
T40 x 1"STAR05-IT40
T40 x 2"STAR05-IT40-2
T40 x 3-1/2"STAR05-IT40-4
T40 x 6"STAR05-IT40-6