Socket Adapter Extension Insert Bits

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Socket Adapter Extension Insert Bits

  • Industrial Quality for professionals
  • 1/4″ Quick Change Hex Shank
  • Heat-treated S2 shock resistant tool steel with HRc 60 hardness construction
  • CNC machine grounded bit for exact dimensions and an optimal fit with screws
  • Transform your impact socket wrench into an impact driver
  • Spring loaded ball bearings and taper on the square end securely lock sockets and nuts into place
  • Packaged as 50 bits per bag


Sygma socket adapter extension insert bits feature spring loaded ball bearings and tapered ends on the square shank for extra grip with square nuts and sockets. Each versatile socket adapter extension bits can transform your socket wrench into an impact driver power tool. Most importantly, each bit is constructed of heat-treated heavy duty S2 tool steel. The 1/4″ quick change hex shank is a common size for many power drills and hand tools.

These socket adapter extension insert bits are ideal for driving lug nuts.


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Square SizeHEX Shank Size x LengthPart NO.
1/4"1/4" x 1"05-EX14-1
1/4"1/4" x 2"05-EX14-2
1/4"1/4" x 3"05-EX14-3
1/4"1/4" x 4"05-EX14-4
1/4"1/4" x 5"05-EX14-5
1/4"1/4" x 6"05-EX14-6
1/4"1/4" x 8"05-EX14-8
1/4"1/4" x 10"05-EX14-10
1/4"1/4" x 12"05-EX14-12
1/4"3/8" x 1-5/8"05-EX38-1
1/4"3/8" x 2"05-EX38-2
1/4"3/8" x 3"05-EX38-3
1/4"3/8" x 4"05-EX38-4
1/4"3/8" x 5"05-EX38-5
1/4"3/8" x 6"05-EX38-6
1/4"3/8" x 8"05-EX38-8
7/16"3/8" x 1-3/4"05-EX738-1
7/16"3/8" x 2"05-EX738-2
7/16"3/8" x 3"05-EX738-3
7/16"3/8" x 4"05-EX738-4
7/16"3/8" x 6"05-EX738-6
7/16"1/2" x 2-1/8"05-EX712-2
7/16"1/2" x 3"05-EX712-3
7/16"1/2" x 4"05-EX712-4
7/16"1/2" x 6"05-EX712-6