Square Recess Insert Bits

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Square Recess Insert Bits

  • Industrial Quality for professionals
  • 1/4″ Hex Shank
  • Heat-treated S2 shock resistant tool steel with HRc 60 hardness
  • CNC machine grounded bit for exact dimensions and a tight fit with fasteners
  • 2 Piece design with a stubby shaped nose
  • Packaged as 50 bits per bag


Sygma industrial grade square recess insert bits are ideal for professionals to drive square screws. These bits feature a 2 piece snub nose design to fit onto hex socket adapters. The 1/4″ hex shank makes the square recess insert bits compatible with many popular brands of power drills. CNC computer generated tip ensures a firm, strong grip with fasteners and screws.

S2 shock resistant, heat-treated tool steel maximizes durability and performance. Thus, our insert bits have an optimal combination of price and quality.


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Tip Size x LengthPart NO.
#0 x 1"05-RSQ0
#1 x 1"05-RSQ1
#2 x 1"05-RSQ2
#3 x 1"05-RSQ3
#1 x 2"05-RSQ1-2
#2 x 2"05-RSQ2-2
#3 x 2"05-RSQ3-2
#1 x 2-3/4"05-RSQ1-3
#2 x 2-3/4"05-RSQ2-3
#3 x 2-3/4"05-RSQ3-3
#1 x 3-1/2"05-RSQ1-4
#2 x 3-1/2"05-RSQ2-4
#3 x 3-1/2"05-RSQ3-4
#1 x 6"05-RSQ1-6
#2 x 6"05-RSQ2-6
#3 x 6"05-RSQ3-6