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Pilot Drills & Extension Bars

  • Industrial Quality for professionals
  • High Speed Steel construction
  • Fully grounded from solid for exact dimensions
  • Pilot Drill Bits have a 1/4″ Hex Shank
  • ARBOR ADAPTER is a threaded attachment that reduces a holesaw’s arbor size
  • Extension Bar(with 7/16″ Hex Shank) allows the user to reach deep holes by making the hole saw stick out further from the power tool


Sygma carries a line of high speed steel attachments for holesaws. Extension Bars increase how far the holesaw can reach. At the same time, professionals can make a center hole and guide the holesaw with the Pilot Drills. Arbor Adapter makes it possible to reduce the arbor hole diameter so that a larger holesaw can fit onto an arbor designed for a holesaw size that is smaller than what the user is trying to attach onto the power tool.

Most importantly; the pilot drill, extension bar, and arbor adapter contain heat treated high speed steel construction.


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DescriptionLENGTHPart NO.
LONG Pilot Drill Bit4"04-9014
SHORT Pilot Drill Bit3-1/8"04-9015
7/16" Hex Shank Extension Bar5-1/2"04-9090
7/16" Hex Shank Extension Bar12"04-9091