Duct Tapes

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Duct Tapes

  • Industrial Quality
  • Strong Rubber adhesive with cloth backing material
  • Multipurpose tape that can be used for bonding, patching, and etc.
  • Ideal for household applications, construction, DIY repairs
  • Vinyl tape is a 7MIL polyethylene film tape that leaves no residue behind and is also solvent and moisture resistant
  • Foil tape is a silver foil aluminum tape that is ideal for sealing and repairing ventilation ducts in addition to HVAC insulation

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WidthLengthThicknessCOLORPart NO.
2"60 Yard8MILSILVER83-2420
2"60 Yard9MILBLACK83-2700
2"60 Yard9MILBLUE83-2800
2"60 Yard9MILGREEN83-2900
2"60 Yard9MILRED83-3000
2"60 Yard9MILWHITE83-3100
2"60 Yard9MILYELLOW83-3200
2"60 Yard10MILRED83-2500
2"60 Yard12MIL RED Code Approved83-3400
2"60 Yard12MILSILVER Code Approved83-3300