PVC Cutters

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PVC Cutters

  • Industrial Quality
  • Precision Milled teeth
  • Premium/Professional Grade PVC cutters come with rubber dipped handles
  • Ideal for cutting PVC, plastic, ABS, and rubber tubing

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DescriptionPart NO.
Premium Grade/Professional PVC Cutter (1-5/8" Pipe)83-1600
Replacement Blade for 1-5/8" PVC Cutter (83-1600)83-1700
Premium Grade/Professional PVC Cutter (2" Pipe)83-1800
Replacement Blade for 2" PVC Cutter (83-1800)83-1900
Heavy Duty ABS Plastic PVC Cutter (1" Pipe)16-3700
Heavy Duty Steel PVC Cutter (1-5/8" Pipe)16-5158
36" Long WIRE CABLE Saw19-4036