CHANNELLOCK Cutting Pliers

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CHANNELLOCK Cutting Pliers

  • Xtreme High leverage technology ensures maximum cutting force with minimal effort
  • Machined knife and anvil cutting edge ensures durability and cutting efficiency
  • 100% American heat-treated high carbon steel allows for superior tool performance
  • Patented blue comfort grips on every handle
  • Ideal for cutting through piano, soft, medium, and hard wiring


Our Channellock cutting pliers are the perfect tools for heavy duty cutting on the job. First, these pliers feature a knife and anvil cutting edge design with high leverage capability for superior performance. Second, the cutting pliers contain heat-treated American high carbon steel for maximum teeth grip and durability. Third, these pliers have rubber handles to ensure user comfort and safety. Moreover, these pliers are ideal for cutting through piano, soft, medium, and hard wiring.

DescriptionModel NO.PART NO.
9" Ironworkers Pliers350S82-7700
7" High Leverage End Cutting Plier35782-7400
8" High Leverage End Cutting Plier35882-7500
7.5" High Leverage Parrot Round Nose PLIER36782-7300
7.5" High Leverage Diagonal Lap Joint Cutting PLIER33782-7600
6" Diagonal Cutting PLIER43682-436
6.5" SLIP JOINT Plier52682-526