CHANNELLOCK Tongue & Groove Pliers

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CHANNELLOCK Tongue & Groove Pliers

  • Recessed gullets near the teeth ensures no slippage
  • Heat-treated teeth ensures a long lasting grip
  • American high carbon steel allows for superior tool performance
  • Patented blue comfort grips on every handle
  • Available with a straight jaw or a V-shaped jaw


Our Channellock Tongue & Groove pliers are the perfect tools every contractor and homeowner needs. First, these pliers feature a patented reinforced cutting edge with an undercut cutting channel for superior performance. Second, the tongue & groove pliers contain heat-treated American high carbon steel for maximum teeth grip and durability. Third, these pliers have rubber handles to ensure user comfort and safety. Moreover, we stock pliers with a straight jaw and a V-shaped jaw.

DescriptionModel NO.PART NO.
10" PLIER with Smooth Jaw41582-5600
9-1/2" PLIER with Standard Jaw42082-5700
9-1/2" PLIER with V-Shaped Jaw42282-5800
4-1/2" Mini PLIER Standard Jaw42482-5900
6-1/2" PLIER with Standard Jaw42682-6000
8" PLIER with Standard Jaw42882-6080
10" PLIER with Standard Jaw43082-6100
12" PLIER with Standard Jaw44082-6200
12" PLIER with V-Shaped Jaw44282-6300
16" PLIER with Standard Jaw46082-6400
20" PLIER with Standard Jaw48082-6450
6.5" PLIER with V-Shaped Jaw41282-412
2 Piece Plier Set (#420 & #426)GS182-GS1
9.5" Nutbuster PLIER with round parrot jaw 41082-410
13.5" Nutbuster PLIER with round parrot jaw41482-414